The Sari Diaries- Friday 6/29/18

Friday, June 29 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family, and Friends,

Classic Jaksich here! Back for my second and final update of the summer. I’m not crying…you’re crying. It must be the heat causing my computer screen to blur as I write this. Yep, definitely the heat…

Speaking of which, today’s forecast left all of us at CRC feeling hot hot hot. Nobody was complaining about swimming today! I even went for a dip 5th period with some of my Colt Village friends and went out on a boat to watch Allison C drop a ski.

In addition to a sweet and sweaty day of regular activities, we celebrated Sydney M. and Suzy R’s birthdays and welcomed Trailriders back from their trip to Mackinac Island. The TR girls returned full of smiles and stories that left me with some serious fomo. Mackinac is the best camping trip if you ask me, and it seems this year was no exception.

After dinner was, of course, our Friday night campfire (a Chippewa staple and my favorite evening program). The service was themed “Advice from a Tree” and led by Lakeview camper Talia S. With the help of Izzy R, Abby C, Shoshana M, Chloe B, Kayla D, Cara J, Ella R, Lindsay F, Lily K, Grace F, Carly G, Riley G, Mia W, Ryan S, and Emma E, Talia led a beautiful campfire service that inspired us all to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings and take care of the Chippewa grounds. The Chippy Choir led us in rousing renditions of “Where Do the Children Play” and “Big Yellow Taxi,” and Chippewa coins were awarded to Lizzy LoGrande, Sara Moss, Lyla N, Audry L, Lindsay B, Mallanah J, and Carly G for their overall impact, leadership, determination, compassion, and more.

As per tradition, the campfire wrapped up with a keylog ceremony and the Chippewa creed. I am always left with chills up and down my arms and a huge small across my face when I hear the kind, heartfelt words spoken at the keylog ceremony. As Cliff likes to say, the keylog ceremony is the heart of the Friday night campfire, and the Friday night campfire is the heart of Chippewa. Well, the heart of camp was beating loud and strong tonight as I fought to hold back my tears.

In all seriousness, the thought of packing my duffels and driving away from camp leaves me with a pit in my chest. Apparently, after seven summers away, I have become no less attached to this place. Proof that Chippewa will forever be my second home. A huge thank you to everyone who made this such an incredible experience for me and welcomed me back with open arms. Special shoutout to Lakeview 2018; I am so lucky to have stayed in your MLV crib (cr18) for a few weeks.

I will certainly miss everyone and everything about CRC 2018, but I know I’ll be back for a visit sometime soon. As they say, you can take the girl out of Chippewa….but you can never take Chippewa out of the girl.

Signing off!

The Eternal Chippewa Girl,
Classic Jaksich