The Sari Diaries- Wednesday 8/2/17

Tuesday, August 01 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

We had a really lovely day here at #TheRanch2017 and I am glad that you are checking in to find out all about it. From morning through the evening, we really packed our day full of fun around here! If you continue reading, you will get the deets…

This morning in fishing, there were A LOT of fish caught. There has been a session-long fishing competition to see who could catch the most fish. The big announcement came today and three campers tied for first place: Sophie B, Sadie G and Lauren G. They were called to the front of the lodge at lunch and were congratulated by the fishing instructors!

In other news, both Talia S and Skylar S crossed the wakes on one ski today. They both have been working very hard at this and are incredibly excited. And across camp, good things were happening at archery…the new southern (the south end of camp) location allows for our campers to shoot from a farther distance…up to 75 feet! Today, Nicole L shot a gold from that large distance…she is the first to do so…yeah Nicole!

This afternoon, Josh Keller, the Camp for All Kids Chief Advancement Officer, came for a visit. He walked around camp, chatted with campers & staff and joined us for dinner. Camp for All Kids is an outstanding organization, and Josh has really helped further its success. We love that Chippewa is a part of doing good both in and out of CRC…we truly believe that camp IS for ALL kids!

Tonight Camp Timberlane came over to watch our musical (High School Musical) and socialize with the Chippies. I was so impressed with our campers and their skills on stage. I had no idea that Chloe C, Avery K and Olivia R were so talented in the theater. And Sydney F, Holly G and Rebecca R really shined in the Wrangler Village play. Both performances were amazing and I know the boys enjoyed cheering on their friends and family members. I must also give a ton of credit to Elyssa, Becca, Rachel and Julia for putting together two awesome shows. It isn’t easy to teach a musical to 71 kids in two weeks…but they did it and they did it quite well. A big thank-you and congratulations to the four of them along with the entire casts.

I think that’s all for now…it’s time to rest up for Kahuna Day tomorrow! Fingers crossed that the weather holds out…either way though, we will make it a Kahuna Day to remember :). Thanks for reading.

Happy Camping and Love,