The Sari Diaries- Tuesday 8/8/17

Monday, August 07 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

Day number fifty-one at #TheRanch2017 has come and gone and I just want to say that without a doubt, “Camp Chippewa is good enough for me!” Today we had the final activity periods, Pony Express, the announcement of Honor Cabins and Tan & White, Cathy’s for those groups, Request Night, Camper Farewells, Staff Farewells, “No More Saddles,” and the summer in review video. The truth is, I really don’t know where to begin, and quite honestly, I don’t know where to end. There were so many parts to this day that deserve their own blog post and I am going to do my very best to do all of them justice. So here it goes…

Let’s skip straight to lunch…it was the final cheering session for Tan & White of the summer. I think the lodge was louder than ever, and excitement was ringing from the front to the back. It was pretty clear at that point that Pony Express was going to be a good one. The race went back and forth the entire time. The Tans headed to Watermelon Island first but the Whites came back to win this all-camp relay. Seeing the looks on Sydney and Sarah’s faces was priceless…it was a moment of pure bliss for the two of them and I loved seeing the look of accomplishment that they had! After the race, Horseshoe and A-Frame were announced as honor cabins…good job to both of them on a summer long clean cabin! And then the Neutrals announced the winners of Tan and White…it was close- less than a 100 point differential…but in the end, the Tans came out victorious. As I have stated in past posts, both sets of Sachems should be extremely proud of themselves. They led their teams with dignity and grace- they displayed incredible sportsmanship and resilience- and I thank them for that!

And then we had Request Night…it began with campers and staff requesting others to get up on stage and perform for the camp. Rachel Rappaport threw it back to her early days at camp and sang “Wild Thing.” Additionally, many lip syncs were recreated and Cate Freedman sang for all of us. After the talent portion of the night, we had our farewells. Ellie W, Marni S and Sarah D represented the campers and spoke beautifully about their camp experience, and the importance of cherishing each moment. And then, in my opinion, came the highlight of the night. The 2017 Ten Year Girls sat on stage together to bid Chippewa a fond farewell on behalf of the staff. Below, I have shared with you a little bit of what they said. One was better and more sentimental than the next and together, they created an amazing tribute to Chippewa and the people who love it. Their words are powerful and I so appreciate them sharing with the camp how they truly feel about our summer home.

I think that’s all for now- I really want to get back to those in the office who are here to hang out. As our moments are dwindling, I know that what we will remember are the times spent together…and so I should continue creating those memories. Thank you for checking in with us tonight- sleep well!

Happy Camping and Love,

“Camp is more than just a summer home. It is magical. It is my happy place. It is what gave me independence. It is what molded me to be me.”
-Hannah Simon

“It doesn’t matter that I’ve been here for 18 Kahuna/UN Days combined without coming in first or that we won Songfest my CIT summer. What matters are the things that I’ve learned by participating in activities like Tan and White, by doing cabin clean-up and from being on staff.”
-Simone Shuman

“This summer I was reminded again of the reason I continue coming back. Year after year, I come back not only for the people, but for the magic of Chippewa. Chippewa is a place to escape the real world, and to just live in the now.”
-Lizzy LoGrande

“Four years ago today, I left camp not knowing when I would be back. I was broken hearted to think that I would be saying goodbye to Chippewa forever. But over the past few years, that was far from what I found. No matter where I was or who I was with, I was constantly thinking of Chippewa.”
-Emily Jaksich

“Even though we will be spread across the country this year, I know that we will always be connected through our love for this place. No matter what state we are in, I know my camp friends will be there for me.”
-Lillie Yalowitz

“Ten years ago I found my special and magical place in Eagle River, WI. Little did I know ten years ago the importance Chippewa would have in my development as a person.”
-Emily Shimanovsky

“Chippewa has been the one main consistency in my life since I was eight years old. No matter what turns my life may take or what ways the bends in my roads may take me, camp is always waiting for me at the end of each year.”
-Ari Kohn

“Whenever we need to talk to each other or we just miss camp and want to catch up, we literally come running to see each other again. Without Chippewa, I don’t think I would know the meaning of true friendship or loyalty.”
-Spencer Berlin

“When camp is over, and our tan lines fade, and our mosquito bites stop itching, we’re left trying to hold onto the way we feel in the company of our camp friends, and the little moments that become our fondest memories, playing them over in our head while trying to fall asleep. So enjoy the small things, because someday, you will realize they were the big things, and wish that you too could drag your feet to slow the circles down.”
-Katie Liguori

“For once she’s been at Chippewa, this creed is hers always. No matter where we go or what we do, the people we’ve met and the things we’ve learned here will always be with us. Camp has made us who we are today, and we are so grateful for an incredible ten summers at our home away from home.”
-2017 Ten Year Girls