The Sari Diaries- Tuesday 8/1/17

Monday, July 31 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

I cannot believe it is August…how does it creep up on us every single summer?! I am currently writing to you from my desk after an incredible day at #TheRanch2017, and feeling energetic from all of the fun that was had. Read below to learn all about the excitement around here…

During cabin clean-up today, we had the Trailriders gophers in here looking for more Gojo soap. Morgan, their counselor, later told me that she had quite the adventure with Lily K, Nicole L and Lily P figuring out how to refill their soap dispenser. Don’t worry though, in the end, they persevered and Trailriders has hand soap!

We had a morning of regular but awesome activities this morning. Our advanced riders jumped and were so proud. Grace F told me that “it was so cool!” That is definitely an accomplishment that they will remember for a long time! Over at skiing, campers were passing levels left and right…it is so cool that as our activity days are dwindling, we still have plenty of motivated campers who are working towards their goals.

At lunch, we surprised Duncan with his Ten Year celebration! It is truly amazing that a 20 year-old from Scotland took a chance on Chippewa in 2008 and he is still a part of the Chippewa community summer after summer. Duncan has certainly left his mark on Chippewa- both in the program and with the people…he is well respected, works hard and is loved by everyone. The appreciation shown at the ceremony for Dunks at the Center Fire Circle was a testament to what he has done here. In a sense, he has grown up at Chippewa and in another sense, he has helped raise people at Chippewa. Throughout these past ten years Duncan has demonstrated an extreme amount of loyalty and dedication to this place…literally making life better for each and every one of our campers and staff members. So Dunks- in case you are reading this…THANK YOU!

This evening was one of the best programs of the summer…the Monster Entertainment Chippewa Dance Party! Each cabin dressed up (just for fun)…some were hippies, others were flappers, and some dressed like they were in the 80’s. We all headed into the theater and danced our hearts out. It was sweaty in there but we couldn’t get enough. It was loud, wild and crazy…a fantastic night for all!

And now, as we speak, the Bowed Legs campers have gone into Horseshoe to surprise them with starbursts and some fun games. The Bowed Legs girls are so excited and I know that Horseshoe is going to love it!

Okay, I suppose that’s enough for now…thank you for checking in with us today. Have a wonderful evening!

Happy Camping and Love,