The Sari Diaries- Monday 8/7/17

Sunday, August 06 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

Today is Monday…Monday Staff Show, Sunday Chippy Awards, Saturday Realm…is everybody happy? For those of you who attended Chippewa, you know that the previous sentence is an indicator that the end is near…the tears typically start coming at some point during that song or at the very least at the end when we sing, “Thursday bye bye…”

Despite this evening’s reminder that Thursday isn’t far off, all day long, we had a fun and productive day. Reese S lifted at skiing…a major accomplishment. Chloe C got up on skis and around the lake. When I stopped by cooking she was so excited to tell me all about it. Additionally, Bella A got her 100th gold of the summer…she is quite the sharp shooter! Chloe B also had a big day at archery, and is now an official member of the Gold Club.

And tonight, as is tradition on the third to last night of camp, we had the Final Staff Show. We began with “Good Evening Folks,” and ended with “Mr. Rogers.” In between, there was a ton of talent shown. The second year JCs, who are known for their creative dances, performed their newest creation and it was unique…and I mean that in a good way…their talent really shined through! Other highlights included Cliff, Morgan Levy and Jaksich performing the 2010 Lakeview lip sync to Dynamite, and all Ten Year (or more) Chippies sang “Fast Times at Chippewa.” Overall, the campers loved cheering for their counselors and were entertained by all of the impressive numbers.

After the Staff Show, campers and counselors went back to their cabins for some bonding time. Bowed Legs kidnapped Horseshoe, C-C received a beta fish from Trailriders and Lakeview continued their investigation of who has been littering their cabin with playing cards. My night concluded with making my first ever Video Star production. Becca Keidan and Sophie Friedland came to the office to share this amazing experience with Soph-Aloaf and me. We wandered around camp finding the perfect setting for each line, and I have to admit, the final product is fantastic.

That’s a wrap for our day at #TheRanch2017. It was another 24 hours that truly made me feel lucky that this is my summer home. I am looking forward to our day tomorrow but I hope that we find a way to make the minutes slow down…fingers crossed! Okay- thanks for reading…write to you all tomorrow!

Happy Camping and Love,