The Sari Diaries- Friday 8/4/17

Thursday, August 03 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

Each Friday night, I sit down to write The Sari Diaries filled with pride and excitement as I prepare to share the happenings of our day with all of you. And tonight, I am feeling that pride and excitement even more that usual. So here goes my best attempt at relaying all of the goodness that existed today at #TheRanch2017…

Ask most any Chippy girl (past or present) and they would let you know that the Chippewa Regatta is one of the very best days each summer. And yes- you guessed it- today was the Chippewa Regatta! Sailors from Menominee, Kawaga and Timberlane joined us for our annual sailing race and we had lots of fun! Dylan S and Lauren S were on the first Chippewa boat to finish…quite the accomplishment! In addition to main event…the race…there was music playing on the waterfront, dance parties happening and a general vibe of excitement.

Outside the regatta festivities, many campers progressed at activities. Waterskiing was especially successful today. Zoey B got up and around the lake, Shira K dropped a ski, Sam G crossed the wakes on one and Olivia G crossed the wakes on two. I’d say that was a good day at the ski docks!

Cliff held many Realm meetings today as well. He met with the Braves, Hunters, Warriors and Chiefs from both teams to explain their role in Realm 2017- Rise of the Dragon. Everyone is excited for tomorrow, and all that is to come in the second version of this awesome game. As we speak, the Grand and Chief Sachems are in a meeting with Cliff and the Neutrals discussing final plans.

As for the highlight of the day, the theme of the campfire was Advocacy. Molly L led the program and did a really nice job sharing a number of readings, quotes and poems. We also awarded a number of coins to very deserving campers and staff members. The campfire concluded with an amazingly sweet Keylog Ceremony. While we still have our final campfire on Wednesday, the Keylog Ceremony was a definite indicator that the Chippewa community is keenly aware of their impending departure from this special place that we all cherish. It is also clear that some truly unique connections and friendships have been formed and strengthened throughout the summer of 2017.

And now, we are going to finish the Realm planning, go to sleep and wake-up for an outstanding day of Realm. Campers are sooooooo excited and I am confident that it will live up to the hype! Okay- more on that tomorrow. Thanks for reading and goodnight!

Happy Camping and Love,