Chippy Trivia Quiz Answers- October 2017

Wednesday, December 13 by Sari Hirsch

Congratulations to Shayna G, Talia S, Sophie M, Taylor G, Leah C, Hannah C, Amanda C and Samantha F for answering the October Quiz questions correctly! You will each be entered in the Cathy’s raffle at the Opening Campfire this summer :). Below are the answers to the September Chippy Trivia Quiz- be sure to check back soon for the December Quiz!

1. What was the 2017 Fourth of July theme?
Oh Say Can You NYC

2. What is the name of the cabin that Soph-Aloaf lives in?
The Fridge

3. Name the girls pictured above?
Riley A, Maddie E and Lizzie L

4. What was the first summer of the Chippy Ropes Course?

5. Name at least one activity that was new to CRC in 2017.
Random House, Outdoor Cooking and WERQ