Chippy Trivia Quiz Answers- December 2016

Wednesday, January 25 by Sari Hirsch

Congratulations to Samantha G, Ariana S, Samantha F and Chloe W for answering the December Quiz questions correctly! You will each be entered in the Cathy’s raffle at the Opening Campfire this summer :). Below are the answers to the December Chippy Trivia Quiz- be sure to check back soon for the January Quiz!

1. What was the Chippy Awards theme from the summer of 2015?
CR-Ski Lodge

2. Who are the campers pictured above?
Maddie K, Riley A and Juliette S

3. Name at least one 2017 Ten Year Girl.
Many answers including…
Jen Becker
Spencer Berlin
Graci Goldstein
Audree Goone
Emily Jaksich
Ari Kohn
Katie Liguori
Sari Leven
Lizzy LoGrande
Shim Shimanovsky
Simone Shuman
Hannah Simon
Lillie Yalowitz

4. How many ski boats do we have at CRC?

5. After Illinois, in which state do the most current Chippy campers live?