The Sari Diaries- Tuesday 7/26/16

Monday, July 25 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

Yes, you guessed it…we had another incredible day in Chippyland! From regular activities throughout the day to the Unity Club Carnival and into the staff meeting, it has been a day to remember! I am happy to give you the full rundown in tonight’s post. So here it goes…

We began the day with a birthday wakeup for Sydney K followed by a Seven Wonders Quiz with a Realm theme. Realm is the new Tan and White game that is on August 1st and the hype is real around here. As a way to help everyone learn the rules, Cliff hosted the quiz and it was even sponsored by Realm! Avery S was pretty impressive as the contestant this morning. She got four questions correct and won her cabin a canteen AND ice cream sundae party. She is clearly ready for the first of August!

Today was full of regular yet awesome activities. Mari W passed into White Cap, which was announced today! She was very excited and Simone & Ashley were proud as they reported her to the front of the lodge to receive her cap. In other activity news, Grace F was eager to tell me all about the White Cap lake swim that they are planning. In order to prep, they have been treading in thirty minute stretches and swimming lots of laps! Swimming is rocking this summer- campers and staff are enthusiastic about the whole program!

During fourth period I had the opportunity to go on the ropes course with Sarah K, Julia N, Nicole L, Maria R, Elle F, Maddie K, Olivia C, Rachael S and Sadie G. They welcomed me into their class with open arms and I was so happy to climb 40 feet to hang out with them. It was very cool to watch Julia N go down the TruBlue for the first time…she was very brave! I loved spending time out there with them and was impressed with their encouragement of each other (and of me :))!

The evening program was the Unity Carnival and it was a huge success. Campers came to the South Field dressed in costumes with their cabins. There were various carnival games, music and a raffle at the end. Everyone had a blast and left the South Field happy about the fun that was had.

We ended the night with a staff meeting in the lodge. I always enjoy staff meetings but tonight was especially positive. At the end of each meeting we have “roses” where staff members can share the best part of their weeks. This is always my favorite part…I love hearing staff thank each other for doing kind things and telling us cute anecdotes that happened throughout the week. It is so cool to know that our staff are recognizing and appreciating the little things that are happening here each and every day.

That’s about all from #TheRanch2016- just a regular day of amazingness! Thanks for reading tonight. Have a good one!

Happy Camping and Love,