The Sari Diaries- Thursday 7/28/16

Wednesday, July 27 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,
Tonight’s TSD is written by Julia F. If you’re wondering why, read below…her explanation is on point. Her writing is impressive- I hope you enjoy. Thanks Julia for a fantastic post and an even better day!
Happy Camping and Love,

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family, and Friends,

Today was a day well spent in Chippyland. It was Camper-Counselor Switch Day. This is a day where campers between the ages of 13 and 15 get to switch places with a staff member. The choosing of the staff member happens by the playing of “Horse and Goggle.” Everything from following the schedules of your chosen camper or counselor to sitting with their real cabins during meals, this day is awesome for everyone in camp. Counselors have fun doing camper activities such as skiing, the ropes course, and horseback riding, while campers enjoy the perks of being a staff member.

The day began when “Cliff,” (Nicole B) waking us up with another one of his famous wake up calls with a special birthday message for Halle S. After that, a Seven Wonders Quiz (of course) began. “Cliff” even made sure to let us know that it was “sponsored by Realm.”

After that, breakfast was called and the fantastic day began! Campers and counselors alike sat at their tables for the day and bonded with different people. Cabin cleanup was even a blast today, believe it or not. Young campers were excited to clean with their “new” counselors! An example of today’s fun was “James” (Emily C) learning all about what goes into fixing up camp throughout the entire day. Hard work was definitely put in today here at CRC.

During fourth period, “Sari” and “Julia F” went skiing together! “Julia” (Sari) got up and even made some silly faces and waved at us as she made her way around the lake. She passed into lifting! “Sari” (Julia) is on getting up and around on one ski and was super close today! In other skiing related news, Summer W got up on one ski and around the lake- how amazing! I see a Chippybat in her future.

After fifth period, all campers and counselors were happy to return back as themselves, and got to end the day with their cabins during dinner.

To finish off this sensational day, all Tans and Whites were sent off to practice for what will very well be the best songfest this camp has ever seen. While I do not know the themes myself, I can already tell how impressively each team is working.

And now as everyone is heading back to their cabins for a good night’s rest, I am ecstatic to say that this has been one of the best Camper-Counselor Switch days I have seen yet. I hope you all enjoyed your Thursday as well- thanks for reading!

Happy Camping and Love,
“Sari” (Julia F)