The Sari Diaries- Sunday 7/31/16

Saturday, July 30 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

We had a unique and amazing day here at CRC. We definitely had a more relaxed structure but campers and counselors alike enjoyed bonding and spending time around camp together. Now we are sitting here on Realm-Eve talking about the plans and excitement for tomorrow! But for now, here are today’s highlights…

As Soph-Aloaf and I walked into the lodge at 8:15am, we saw Emma H first in line for Sunday morning breakfast. She informed us that she had been there since 7:45am and that she couldn’t wait for the start of breakfast…it’s her favorite! There were lots of pancakes ordered and Ruth’s Special was a real hit.

Today’s main event was Songfest and it was truly incredible. Both the Space Jam Tans and Whites Inc were amazing. The costumes were awesome, the skits were hilarious, the new songs were some of the best ever and best of all, everyone legit enjoyed themselves! The sachems and advisors should be incredibly proud of the performances that they orchestrated…with just over a week of practices, they were able to get their teams to come together to create a Songfest that will go down in history. The Space Jam Tans’ song will live on forever in the Adler Lodge and at the Center Fire Circle as they won this big event. Both teams left the theater though with their heads held high- they knew that their hard work and commitment was well worth it.

This afternoon we had our second sign-ups of second session. While campers weren’t doing sign-ups, they were either in Realm meetings learning all about the game or in the South Field playing Name that Tune, UNO or other card games. Campers enjoyed chilling outside with their friends and the staff…it was the perfect post-Songfest scene!

And now, back to Realm-Eve. Realm is, without a doubt, all the rage around here. Campers are meeting with Cliff to get an understanding of the game…James and Luke have begun building the houses and castles around camp…staff are creating Twills (the official currency of Realm)…and everyone is eager to wake up tomorrow morning to figure out what all of the hype is about. Tomorrow’s post will include plenty of details about the game and day. I am personally super-excited for everything that is to come.

That’s all for now- goodnight Chippies!

Happy Camping and Love,