The Sari Diaries- Monday 7/25/16

Sunday, July 24 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

What a spectacular day we had at #TheRanch2016! I am writing to you exhausted but satisfied with all of the action and fun we packed into our day. I am happy to be reporting the big events along with some smaller anecdotes that made this day incredible. Here we go…

This morning, we loaded the buses to head into Minocqua. Infiltrating the small town is always fun and entertaining. Campers ate at Alexanders, Kobe Sushi, Island Café, Ottos and The Whale. They shopped at Dan’s Minocqua Fudge, Monkey Business, Gliks, Kilwins and Book World. Walking up and down the streets of Minocqua, it was fun to see smiling Chippewa faces and cabins enjoying their time together in the “real world.”

When we got back to camp, we had Songfest practice. Songfest is less than a week away and campers are getting very excited for the performance. I have to give credit to the sachems and advisors because practices have been fun for campers and there is a very positive spirit behind it all!

Tonight was the first annual Menominee-Chippewa Color Run Social and it was awesome! Jessica K and Monica worked with a couple of Menominee guys to plan the best social in ages. We arrived at Menominee in all white, and ready to run. The run was about a half-mile and there were two different color stations where campers ran through a cloud of colored powder. After they finished, they headed to the beach where Monster Entertainment hosted the finish line party. There were cookies, sno-cones and a ton of dancing! We were sad to go but eventually we had to head home. The night was definitely a success!

As I walked from the run down to the beach, I noticed Anna S, Emma R, Sydnie K and Abigail W playing basketball. It reminded me of socials from the ‘90s when there would be a big group of us always managing to find the basketball courts during socials. I obviously had to stop to shoot with them, and they even taught me a new game which I loved!

And now everyone is back in their cabins and getting ready to hit the hay. It was a cabin day for the books. From sushi with Horseshoe and C-C to dancing at the social with Grace F and Marissa Y, for me, this day was one of the best yet. I hope you guys enjoyed your Monday as well- thanks for reading!

Happy Camping and Love,