The Sari Diaries- Wednesday 6/10/15

Wednesday, June 10 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

It has been another wonderful day of pre-pre-camp! We had one more staff member arrive, Kahley Czupek, and we are thrilled to have her here so early. The day was filled with tons of fun and a great deal of hard work. All twelve wall & ropes staff passed their practical and written tests with flying colors. We are very confident that they will do a wonderful job out there this summer and that the program will once again be incredibly safe. Duncan, Anne and Henry began their lifeguarding course and are looking forward to the next two days of training. In other exciting news, the cooking studio is looking amazing. It is nearly completed and we are so excited to test out a couple of recipes before everyone arrives.

In addition to all of the productivity of today, we got to celebrate Henry’s 19th birthday! At dinner (BBQ of course), we had an awesome cake, sang him the birthday song and hung up signs made by the staff. It was a great first summer birthday :). After dinner, we took a trip into Saint Germain to watch Tom Adler’s softball team play. Despite the mosquitos, it was a great game that they ended up winning by one run. The new staff loved the experience and the old timers enjoyed spending time with Pamela and Thomas C.

Overall, it was a fantastic day! It is becoming clear that this group of staff is already catching the Chippy bug and falling in love with this place. We can feel the magic happening and we know that these feelings will only grow stronger as the summer progresses. I think that’s about all for tonight, but have a great evening. Thanks for reading!

Happy Camping and Love,