The Sari Diaries- Tuesday 6/23/15

Tuesday, June 23 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

Our first full day here at #TheRanch2015 was pretty amazing. It was action-packed and filled with lots of Chippy fun. Here are the details…

  1. This morning consisted of activity rotations where age groups went around camp to learn about different activities, try out for teams and take their swim tests. We were lucky to have beautiful weather and warm temperatures in the lake.

  1. At lunch, the CITs announced the Big and Little Sis pairs. Both young and old campers were thrilled to find out their camp sister. It is so cool that our older campers take such ownership over this program. They all went to hang out with their little sisters throughout the day and they are already preparing for Big and Little Sis Night later this week.

  1. This afternoon were sign-ups! It is always fun for campers to create their schedules at the beginning of the summer…it is highly anticipated and everyone was ecstatic when they were called down to the lodge. Almost every camper in camp signed up for cooking in the new CRC Cooking Academy. The plans for the class are awesome and we cannot wait to see our campers in the kitchen. In my opinion, the best part of sign-ups occurred just outside the lodge as Lucky-X and Silverspurs were finishing up. Elyssa Fishman and Sabrina B started dancing which turned into a full-on dance party…it was incredibly cute and such a camp moment!

  1. Tonight’s program was the opening of Tan and White. Teams were announced and sachems were voted on (sachems are our Tan and White captains). After teams practiced their cheers, everyone came together for the traditional Donny Quay story and skit. The male staff put together an excellent show which included a very realistic looking wrestling match followed by Donny Quay coming in on a jet ski to save Tan & White while expressing the importance of unity and sportsmanship.

  2. This evening’s cabin rounds were definitely the highlight of my day. When Sophie and I walked into Rafter ^ X, we noticed a bright pink string running through the cabin. At first we were confused, but we then noticed a couple stuffed animals harnessed in and connected to the string by a keychain. It soon became clear that the campers had created a zipline for their stuffed pets. The ingenuity and resourcefulness that these campers possess is quite impressive! From Rafter, we headed over to Silverspurs where the entire cabin was bonding in a circle accompanied by a number of their Lakeview big sisters. It was so sweet and nice to see how well they are transitioning and forming bonds.

I guess that’s it for tonight…it was a stupendous day and we are eager to start regular activities tomorrow. Thanks for reading- have a lovely evening!

Happy Camping and Love,