The Sari Diaries- Saturday 6/27/15

Saturday, June 27 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

It has been a wonderful day here at CRC and as the day comes to a close, I am excited to share with you the highlights from today!

  1. Thanks to some fantastic weather, we were able to enjoy our morning activities and have a very productive day. Alum Jamie Jelinik Pfeffer visited with her husband and two daughters. It was so fun to see them and as they walked around camp with Cliff, they stopped at the tennis courts. In true Chippy manner, the Senior Tennis team rushed over to welcome our guests. It is always so sweet to see our campers demonstrating their pride for this place and share that with our prospective campers.

  1. After first period tennis, I went down to the swim docks to say hi and saw a couple of Lakeview girls hanging out on our new water toy…the Splashmat! It looked like so much fun, I couldn’t help but jump in and try it out. It is essentially a slip ’n slide in the water and it is awesome! I was pretty happy to get in the lake and it was quite refreshing :).

  2. This afternoon was Barnyard Bedlam- the first Tan & White game of the summer. The Tans and Whites scattered in the South Field, singing parts of different songs, dancing goofy dances and hovering over erasers while the sachems ran around to collect them. The theme was “Hits Through the Decades” and it was lots of fun to watch both the Tans and Whites working hard and having fun frolicking in their costumes. In the end, the game was close, but the Tans pulled through as victorious today!

  1. For the evening program, we headed over to Menominee for a social. There was music blasting, Chippies dancing and delicious cookies being eaten. It was nice for campers to see their friends and family members who go to Menominee and as always, it was great to spend some time with our neighbors down the road.

  2. Throughout the day, it was fun to hang with our visitors! Having them here feels so natural- it’s as if they never left. They hung out with campers, watched Barnyard Bedlum, joined us at Menominee and ended the night in the office where there is always a party! I wish that tomorrow we didn’t have to say goodbye, but I am so happy that we got to spend the weekend at #TheRanch2015 together.

Tomorrow I will be heading down to Milwaukee with the CITs for their trip. I am looking forward to spending time with this awesome group and visiting camps to learn about their programs (for the CIT Trip, we tour a number of different camps). Because I will be out of camp, Soph-Aloaf will be guest writing an extra blog this week…tomorrow, you are all lucky enough to read her wonderful recap of the day’s events.

Have a lovely evening and I look forward to writing to you all on Monday!

Happy Camping and Love,