The Sari Diaries- Saturday 6/13/15

Saturday, June 13 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

This has been a long but fun day! For most of the staff, it was a day-off and for a number of others, it was arrival day/night. There was a lot of eating that went on in true Chippy-Dawg style :). Below are some of the day’s highlights…

The morning began early with a trip to Wolfpack and a nice variety of pancakes. From there, Morgan, Lucy, Lizzy, Monica and Fradin made a trip to Wausau in order to eat Habachi for dinner. They were very pleased with the tasty experience! There were others who went to see “Jurassic World,” and hang out around Eagle River. For dinner, there was lots of pizza to go around…we had both Pizza Hut and Knockers. It was delicious!

In addition to all of the eating excitement, we had our entire nursing crew arrive. All three RNs (Mia, Cata & Eve) and the CNA (Taylor) seem amazing and we are confident that this is going to be a great summer in the Health Center. Right now, we are having a big office party and getting excited for a new van full of staff to pull into the circle drive. They are on their way from Chicago and should arrive before 2am. We plan to sing “We Welcome You To Chippewa” and give them a warm Chippy greeting.

Tomorrow marks the first day of pre-camp for all new staff and then on Monday, the remaining staff will get here. In under ten days, summer at #TheRanch2015 will officially be underway. We cannot wait and know that this will be the best summer ever!

That’s all for now but thanks for checking The Sari Diaries today…have a wonderful night!

Happy Camping and Love,