The Sari Diaries- Friday 6/12/15

Friday, June 12 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

Happy Friday! It has been a wonderful week full of hard work and I must say that camp looks incredible. I am so impressed with this group of staff who have already proved their dedication to CRC and I cannot wait to see them in action throughout the summer!

Anne, Duncan and Henry all finished their lifeguarding course and the trainer emailed me saying Chippewa is “very lucky to have them :).” Henry also began his boat driver training and Duncan is very impressed with his focus, skill and confidence. In addition to all of this, there were staff members painting, power-washing, raking and planning pre-camp sessions…it was quite the productive day!

This evening, we had a Friday night campfire including s’mores and songs. Tomorrow is a well-deserved day off and everyone is excited for some rest and relaxation. We are all very excited for the big staff arrivals tomorrow night and Monday afternoon…it is crazy how quickly the time is already flying by!

That’s about all for now from #TheRanch2015. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful night!

Happy Camping and Love,