March Quiz Answers

Sunday, April 19 by Sari Hirsch

Congratulations to Rachel B, Halle G, Samantha F, Diana J, Zoey S, Hannah W and Hannah C for answering the March Quiz correctly. They will be entered in a raffle and the winner of the raffle will win a trip to Cathy’s for his/her cabin!

Here are the answers…

  1. Which staff member is celebrating his/her International Five Year in 2015?

  2. Name at least one CRC sailboat.
    Many answers :)

  3. Which cabin were the campers pictured above members of in 2014?
    Rafter ^ X

  4. What was added to the Center Fire Circle in honor of Lisa’s Ten Year last summer?
    A Keylog Box

  5. In which field are the lacrosse nets located?
    North Field

Which teams are in the NCAA Women’s Basketball Final Four?
Connecticut, Notre Dame, South Carolina and Maryland