Staff Spotlight- January 2015

Monday, January 05 by Sari Hirsch

The month’s Staff Spotlight features Claire Schwartz! Claire was an amazing camper and is currently an awesome counselor and activity instructor. She loves spending time with her age group but always makes time to be with her campers and ensure they are loving every second of their summers at CRC. Below you can read all about camp through Claire’s eyes- it is obvious that she is a Chippy for life! Thanks Claire :).

How many summers have you been at camp?
I have been at camp for 9 summers!

What cabin were you in during the summer of 2014?
Bowed Legs

What is your favorite part about being a counselor at CRC?
My favorite part about being a counselor at CRC is being able to help give the campers the amazing experiences and moments that Chippewa gave to me.

What was your favorite memory from the summer of 2014?
My favorite memory from the summer of 2014 was spending a beautiful sunny day on the waterfront dancing with my friends.

What is your favorite camp memory of all time?
My favorite camp memory of all time was watching the sunrise on the last day of camp with my cabin during my lakefront summer of 2011.

What are you most looking forward to in the summer of 2015?
I’m looking forward to the Fourth of July; it is one of my favorite days at camp!

How do you stay in touch with your camp friends during the year?
I text and call my camp friends that don’t live near me and hang out with my fellow Chippies that live in Chicago on the weekends.

What do you do when you are not at camp?
When I’m not at camp or thinking about camp, which isn’t very often, I am playing soccer, studying, running cross country, or having fun with my friends.

Anything else you want to share with your Chippy family?
I can’t wait to have an amazing summer with everyone in 2015! See you all soon!