The Sari Diaries- Wednesday 7/30/14

Wednesday, July 30 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

Kahuna Day 2014 was incredible! From wake-up to bedtime, lots of fun was had. Here are the details…

  1. After breakfast, each set of captains performed a short skit to kick off the day. They were all very cute and got the teams amped up. From there, we went to the North Field for a Human Rock Paper Scissors tournament. There was both a Colt and Wrangler Village competition and teams lined up as they do for leg wrestling on UN Day. Campers stood back-to-back and the referees called out, “Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” At that point, the opponents turned around and either formed a rock, paper or scissors with their bodies. If they won, they went to the back of their team’s line and if they didn’t, they sat down to cheer on the rest of their team. This is the first year we have tried this as the opening game and it was fantastic. While we do love when campers have a chance to display their skills throughout the summer, it is also fun when people succeed based on pure luck. The enthusiasm was evident this morning and was the perfect way to start the day!

  1. Throughout the morning and afternoon, teams competed in a ton of different activities. There is truly something for everybody on Kahuna Day. Some campers played tennis, basketball, football, kickball, soccer and other sports. Others participated in banner making, word search, scavenger hunt and hula dancing. Everyone was a part of tug-of-war and got to watch the running relays. Regardless of their talents, campers had the opportunity to enjoy a day of intense competition and spirit. I had the privilege of watching a number of the activities, and was very impressed. I also refereed the football games and thought the Fruit Loops team was very well put together. They had plays, a number of girls who could really throw the football and they were all very into the game. In addition to all of this though, the sportsmanship throughout the day was terrific!

  1. After the first three series of competition, we had our swim meet which included relays, log rolling and blobbing. We also had a staff football game which was extremely fun for all of the staff (including myself :)). We then had a luau dinner with some delicious food, including an annual favorite- pineapple upside down cake. After dinner, we headed to the theater for team song performances and the hula dancing competition. By the end of all of this, the Kahuna Day heads, Lizzy LoGrande and Lucy Hoffman, were ready to announce the winners. While all teams performed well throughout the day, Fruit Loops outshined the rest for the first place spot.

Overall, today was one to remember! Lizzy and Lucy did a flawless job planning this day, which is not an easy feat. They were organized and fun, and led the camp to one of the best days of the summer. The captains and advisors also were wonderful today. They displayed great leadership and proved that they deserved to be at the forefront of this day.

Thanks for reading tonight’s version of The Sari Diaries. I am going to sleep happy as could be, and once again feeling so very lucky to be spending my summer at #CRC2014 with this group of campers and staff. Goodnight!

Happy Camping and Love,