The Sari Diaries- Tuesday 7/29/14

Tuesday, July 29 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

It was a magical day here at #CRC2014, and everybody is going to bed happy as could be. Here are the highlights…

  1. It was supposed to rain the entire day at camp, but we were lucky enough to be able to run a full day of regular activities. Two new activities were implemented this two weeks and both were quite successful in their first day. Beach volleyball was taught by Chris Cohen and Callam Jones. The class was full of Trailriders campers and they had a ton of fun. Sam Shepherd and Azeb Smalley taught the Outdoor Living activity this afternoon which was awesome. The group was split into five teams and they had to build a fire from wood they found. Sam then went around to light the fires and explained what was good about each one. Campers really enjoyed learning and building, and we are hoping that we have some future Chippy trippers on our hands :).

  2. The Chippy Bats went to the Kawaga Ski tournament this morning. There were many camps at the tournament and our girls loved competing. Miriam H won the wakeboarding portion of the tournament, and we are extremely proud of her. The Chippy Bat staff were super-impressed with the team and the tournament was an excellent experience.

  1. Tonight we had a completely new evening program created by Meredith Epstein. “Chippy Clue” was a huge hit that the campers and staff enjoyed. Lakeview campers each worked with a different cabin to solve the mystery of who killed the Snack Sisters, where it happened and with what weapon. Campers dressed in all black and Lakeview dressed as detectives. They worked together traveling around camp to find staff members at different locations with different weapons (coffee mugs, crocs, Ten Year benches, and other camp objects). Eventually they deduced who the culprit was, where the crime occurred and what weapon was used. It was very cute to see the Lakeview campers running around with the younger ones and the staff were awesome. This will definitely be an annual activity!

  1. While walking around camp before campers went to bed, it was very cool to see so much cabin bonding happening. Wagon Ridge gave Rhi a make-over, Boots and Cactus had a wedding, C-C was making banana boats at the Center Fire Circle and Lucky-X and Blackfoot were in the house for a pizza and movie party. It is nice to have an early evening program once in a while because it allows for friendships to grow and cabins/age-groups to unite.

As you can tell, today was amazing. Tomorrow is Kahuna Day, and we are very excited for all of the fun that will ensue! Thanks for reading- have a wonderful evening.

Happy Camping and Love,