The Sari Diaries- Thursday 7/31/14

Wednesday, July 30 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

Today was Gauntlet, which is an all-day Tan & White game that was invented in 2012. It is a surprise to campers as to which day Gauntlet will be held and they were all pleasantly surprised when the gong sounded at wake-up. Here are the highlights from today…

  1. Campers and staff lined up at each meal in different orders (birth date, street name and last letter of middle name). They then filed into the lodge and got to eat with different members of their teams. It is so fun to see campers and staff of all ages interacting at meals- chatting about their days and cheering together. Lunch was absolutely insane with cheering, chanting and excitement.

  1. This morning, the campers and staff played a camp version of Bananagrams. Each age group (Braves, Hunters, Warriors and Chiefs) had a different theme that they had to create words for. This is definitely a game of both intellect and creativity, and both were displayed throughout the competition.

  2. After Bananagrams, campers played “Spongebob Bucket Pants.” This is a game that was created at Chippewa and is so funny to watch. Campers hold a sponge in each hand and go on a slip and slide trying to gather water in their sponges. At the end of the slip and slide is a garbage can that they are trying to fill. It is a great team event and the weather was perfect for it.

  1. The closing to the morning included a staff Quidditch game. Staff used swim noodles as broomsticks and played a game that very closely resembled Harry Potter’s main sport. The entire staff got really into it and campers were excited to cheer for their teams.

  2. The afternoon consisted of a scavenger hunt and a game in which each age group had to take pictures of different scenes around camp. The neutrals, Jessica Swill and Alexa Polinsky, did a fantastic job of planning a day full of fun for all of Chippyland.

  1. After all of this excitement, we had a Menominee social this evening! It was great to see the boys- especially the brothers and cousins- and of course Tom and Pam! The DJs chose excellent music, everybody danced well and fried Oreos were enjoyed by both camps.

As you can tell, it was an eventful day at #CRC2014. Thanks for reading and have a lovely evening!

Happy Camping and Love,