The Sari Diaries- Saturday 7/26/14

Friday, July 25 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

Today was Jenny Day and it was awesome. As I did on the 4th of July, tonight I am going to write this entry from the point of view of a Chippy camper. Enjoy!

Happy Camping and Love,

Dear Diary,

Today was amazing! It was Jenny Day, which is one of my very favorite days of camp. Jenny was a camper and counselor here who suddenly passed away in 2008 after she left camp. Each summer, we have Jenny Day to honor the incredible camper and counselor that she was. She was my counselor’s counselor and according to her, Jenny was just the best. She was so into camp, extremely spirited and a kind person to everyone at CRC and in life. Four of her campers who are now counselors (Sami Fabric, Eden Pritikin, Dori Greenberg and Tori Levy) planned the entire day. I love that they have such fond memories of Jenny from when she was their counselor in Silverspurs.

All three meals today were Jenny’s favorites (and I liked them too!). We had chocolate chip pancakes, bagels and bacon for breakfast. At lunch, we had grilled cheese, tomato soup and brownies. Then we had BBQ dinner. All of the meals were delicious!

After breakfast, we headed to the Jenny Bench near the swim area. Five girls from Lakeview 2006 (Jenny’s age group) came in for the day and they led an opening ceremony. They talked about what a fantastic person, camper and counselor Jenny was and explained what an important day this is to them and to camp.

After we left the Jenny Bench, a few people went back over the the lodge. Frankie Brown was a counselor here last summer and she volunteered to have the slop bucket poured on her head. It was pretty gross, but also really funny. Only at camp would someone be willing to do that and laugh while it was happening.

For the rest of the morning, we had age-group bonding activities. My age group went to the South Field to make bracelets. We each had a letter on our bracelet and created a web with our yarn which unified us together. After making bracelets, we all went to the swim area to cool off. We also got to make s’mores this morning…before lunch!

Because this afternoon was Capture the Flag, we had Tan & White cheering in the loge at lunch. I always love cheering, but it was extra special because we got to see the Chippy alumni scream the songs for their teams. I know that when I am older, I will still care about Tan and White for sure!

Capture the Flag was intense today. It was tied for almost the entire game. Tons of people got into the box, but I got someone’s flag and brought them to the jail. It was so exciting- I have never caught anyone before! With about three minutes left, Samantha Schwartz, one of the A-Frame counselors, scored for the White Team and they won.

Overall, today was fantastic. I loved seeing Jenny’s age group at camp, and I hope that I will still be so close with my age-group when I am their age. I can tell how much they still love camp, and they reminded me to appreciate every day that I get to spend here. I plan to enjoy every single second for the next two weeks…and I’m also going to remember to thank my parents for providing me with this opportunity when I get home ;).

Love Your Happy Camper,
Chippy Girl