The Sari Diaries- Monday 6/30/14

Monday, June 30 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

What a day it has been! From “Nina Pretty Ballerina” at wake-up all the way through the staff meeting, amazing things have been happening at #CRC2014. Here are the highlights…

  1. This morning before breakfast, A-Frame, C-C and Bowed Legs took off for their Sea Kayaking Trip. They were eager to get to the Apostle Islands and enjoy all of the beautiful scenery. While there, they truly bonded. Most kayaks were double kayaks so the campers got to work with other girls their age who they are not in a cabin with. The kayaking itself was a ton of fun and they took some incredible pictures!

  1. We were lucky enough to have five periods of activities today and the weather was perfect! This morning, while I was at first period tennis, I watched Maddie Goone lead her first yoga class of the summer. The entire class loved it and felt very relaxed at the end. In pottery today, one of our campers, Brenna G, taught Kahley C how to make a pot and her first one was very impressive. It is so cool to see campers helping each other and sharing their skills. My favorite moment of activities today though was at skiing. We had a camper who was quite nervous to ski for the first time since last summer. She had two friends on the boat with her who cheered her on and she ended up having a great time. Day in and day out, I feel so lucky that my job involves moments such as riding on a ski boat observing campers and staff supporting each other to achieve their goals.

  2. After lunch, UN Day teams were announced, cheers were learned and teams began signing up for activities. The intense spirit is already in the air as the entire camp is getting excited for one of the most popular days of camp!

  1. This evening, we had the Camper Talent Show. This is always a wonderful program where campers get up on stage to perform skits, dances and songs. A couple of the favorites were the big and little sister combo of Grace F and Sammie T singing a duet and Samantha G singing “Girl Party.” Each act was unique and was a true demonstration of the immense talent we have around this camp!

  1. The night concluded with a staff meeting. Each Monday night, the staff meet to discuss many topics to help prepare for the week ahead. The very best part of each of these meetings are all of the “thank-yous” that go around among the staff as well as the roses that the staff share. These roses are short stories of campers and staff doing nice things for each other. It seems like more than ever, our older campers are truly taking our younger campers under their wings to ensure an excellent Chippewa experience. My heart is warmed as I walk around camp each day to witness these acts of kindness myself, but I also love to hear these stories from the staff!

I think that’s about all for today. It was a really nice day around here and we are all looking forward to another one tomorrow. Thanks for reading- have a great night!

Happy Camping and Love,