The Sari Diaries- Wednesday 6/25/14

Wednesday, June 25 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

Today was a blast! Although we only had one normal activity period (5th), it was a day full of excitement. Here are the highlights…

  1. This morning we woke up to a nice rain shower, which led us to an excellent rainy day activity. The Male Staff Pageant was run by Olivia Sachs and Emily Fradin, and it was a huge success. Each cabin (some cabins were joined with their age group) was assigned a male staff member to dress up, give a new name and prepare for a beauty pageant. The boys were very good sports as they had their hair done, nails painted and outfits picked for them. The cabin of A-Frame decided to go with a natural look and explained during the pageant that real beauty is on the inside :). The winners of the activity were Circle C, Wagon Ridge and Rafter ^ X, who joined together to dress George Fountain up very nicely. Overall, a great time was had by everyone!

  1. After lunch, we dedicated a few hours to practicing lip sync (which is tomorrow). At Chippewa, most cabins take this quite seriously because the winners from each village get a trip to Cathy’s. Costumes are always amazing, song choice is important, and campers and staff alike take great pride in these performances. We are looking forward to the official show tomorrow night…expectations are high!

  1. Counselor Hunt was tonight’s evening program. It is a Tan and White game that traditionally comes right after Barnyard Bedlum. Staff hid all around camp- in the woods, attics, suitcases and in plain sight- as campers searched high and low in partners for the hidden staff. It was very cute to see older campers paired with younger campers running around camp hand in hand with a common goal. The Tans won, but it was extremely close. The sportsmanship songs were sung at the end and everyone was in good spirits.

  2. After the winners were announced, the Neutrals left the stage and a big dance party ensued. The theater was hopping with dancing and singing which is always fun to be a part of. Summer songs are quickly becoming #CRC2014 staples that the entire camp loves to hear. Campers and staff both new and old have clearly been molded into one huge family…the comfort level is high and love is in the air!

So that’s the awesome day we had at Chippewa. Another day to appreciate how lucky we are to spend our summer on Dam Lake! Have a good night and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the latest happenings up here at camp.

Happy Camping and Love,

PS The cover picture of this diary entry is of Luke Harris assisting campers in fishing after activity periods were over. He took time out of his free period to enhance our campers’ experience and ensure they had a chance to fish today!