The Sari Diaries- Tuesday 6/17/14

Tuesday, June 17 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

After the first full day of #CRC2014, there is a lot to report. Here is all of the excitement…

  1. This morning, age-groups walked around together to swimming, skiing, tennis, riding, wall/ropes, dance and trampball. They learned the procedures of each activity, took a swim test and tried out for different teams. The weather was perfect and everyone enjoyed being out in the sun!

  2. This afternoon, we signed up for activities for the first two weeks. Each age group was called down to the Adler Lodge where the tables were set up with different activities. There were staff members located all around to help the campers sign up for activities and to make sure they were able to sign up for everything they wanted to. As I looked through the camper schedules, it became clear that we have a ton of well-rounded campers who just love a variety of activities.

  1. After sign-ups, each group stopped by the carport to get a tutorial on the Lost and Found Monster. Cliff showed everyone where to put waterbottles, wet clothes, named clothes, unnamed clothes and even shoes. Campers were very excited about this new structure at camp and we really think it is going to help increase the organization of our lost and found, thus resulting in less lost stuff. After the Lost and Found Monster, everyone came to the office for afternoon snack, which was a hit!

  1. Dinner tonight was a delicious lemon pepper chicken. It went over quite well, but we also had a pasta bar in addition to our awesome salad bar. Big and Little Sisters were announced after dinner and everyone was thrilled to learn who their sibling would be for the summer.

  1. After dinner, we had our first 2014 canteen! It was quite exciting as we introduced a few new snacks that were very popular. Our Canteen Queens, Lily Pickus, Eden Pritikin and Claire Schwartz, handed out lots of candy with smiles on their faces and they loved bringing joy to every camper and staff member :).

  1. Tonight’s evening program was our annual Tan and White opening ceremony. Teams were announced by our Neutrals, Jessica Swill and Alexa Polinsky, and then teams broke up to learn cheers and vote for sachems. Afterward, we all came together to hear the story of Donny Quay and learn who the 2014 sachems would be. It was a wonderful start to our most spirited program. We are looking forward to an amazing summer full of Tan & White spirit, sportsmanship and fun.

In conclusion, today was AWESOME. I think it is safe to say that everyone is exhausted after this one, but I know that we are all excited for tomorrow- the first day of regular activities. Don’t forget to check this blog regularly to read all about the adventures in Chippyland!

Thanks for reading…have a great night!

Happy Camping and Love,