The Sari Diaries- Thursday 6/19/14

Thursday, June 19 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

So ends another wonderful day in the Northwoods. Today at Chippewa, we took advantage of every second and enjoyed all that camp has to offer. Here are the highlights…

  1. After a delicious breakfast, we had an excellent cabin clean-up…I am talking scores in the high 90s and even a perfect score (congrats to A-Frame on a job well done). From there, we had an awesome morning of activities. As I passed by the basketball courts, I saw about 20 Colt Villagers doing drills, and they were good! There was three-man-weave, dribbling between cones and scrimmaging. I was very impressed with how great they looked and the level they were playing at.

  1. Today’s afternoon snack was quite “pop”ular. For the first time ever, we introduced Popcorners in three different flavors. Campers were thrilled with this new snack and we are planning to have Popcorners make a weekly appearance at snack time. Speaking of snack, we officially have three “Snack Sisters” who are taking initiative with our snack distribution. Every day, they will choose the snack and location at which it will be given. Their goal is to hand out snacks everywhere in camp throughout the summer.

  1. This afternoon, there were many exciting achievements occurring all over camp including a number of campers getting to the top of the wall for the first time, and others overcoming their fear of heights on the high ropes course. The staff are also raving about our Instructor’s Aides who are learning how to instruct different activities they are interested in teaching when they become staff members. Overall, activities are running really well, and we are impressed with both our campers’ and staff’s enthusiasm toward trying new things and advancing their current skills.

  1. Tonight’s evening program was Big and Lil’ Sis Night. The CITs planned an amazing event for all of the big and little sister combos. They competed in fun activities including cupcake decorating, water balloon throwing, dancing and shoe kicking. Big and little sisters dressed up together and bonded throughout the day in preparation for tonight. The big winners of the evening were Lily S and Talia C who knew all about each other in the final competition of “Know Your Camp Sister.”

There were many other amazing things going on around camp today, but hopefully this gives you a peek into #CRC2014 thus far. Thanks for reading- have a great evening!

Happy Camping and Love,

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