The Sari Diaries- Sunday 6/22/14

Sunday, June 22 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

Cabin Day has come to an end and it was quite wonderful! From breakfast to bedtime, awesome things were happening with our campers and staff. Here are the highlights…

  1. This morning began with our exciting Sunday Morning Breakfast. Lisa made pancakes to order, Cliff made omelets to order, Ruth made eggs to order and I made scrambles to order. Ruth’s Special this week was a chocolate/marshmallow pancake which was a big hit. Overall, campers and staff seemed very happy with both the service and the food. This has become a fun Sunday morning tradition that is enjoyed by all!

  1. After breakfast, everyone got ready to head into Minocqua for our first session town day. The entire town was filled with Chippies and cabins spent time together eating lunch, shopping in the stores and hanging at the beach. As always, there was tons of fudge eaten, which is a staple if you are visiting Minocqua. Once in a while, the campers love to get out of camp and into the “real world,” but it wasn’t long before everyone was ready to board the buses and head back to CRC!

  1. When we got back to camp, cabin counselors had different activities planned for their cabins. C-C got a chance to try log rolling on our new Keylog, Lakeview worked on 4th of July and dance parties were had in the South Field. As I walked around camp this afternoon, I was thrilled to see all of the fun that was had as cabins & age-groups bonded.

  2. Dinner was another delicious meal as Sophie Marwil, our Assistant Director, led our senior staff in making pizza for the whole camp. They worked hard in the kitchen preparing almost 100 pizzas for the campers. Each cabin was called down to the lodge to eat and they had pizzas waiting for them on their tables. There were many compliments to the chefs and while the campers loved eating the pizza, the staff had lots of fun preparing the pizza!

  1. The Tan & White games officially kicked off this evening with Barnyard Bedlum. Both the Tans and the Whites dressed in crazy outfits singing Disney Channel theme songs as they ran around the field trying to collect erasers (used to be candy and before that peanuts). Both teams did a great job, but tonight, the Tans came out on top. After the game though, each team sang the sportsmanship song and the sachems gave each other big hugs.

That’s about it for today- another beautiful and action packed day at #CRC2014. Thanks for reading…enjoy your night!

Happy Camping and Love,