The Sari Diaries- Saturday 6/28/14

Saturday, June 28 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

Another day at the has Ranch passed, and many wonderful things happened. Here are the highlights…

  1. Thanks to the weather, we were able to run completely normal activities today. The lake was a perfect place to cool off and campers were enjoying activities all over camp. From the tennis courts to trampball and down to fishing, the entire camp was appreciating the gorgeous day!

  2. While the Bond Falls trip came back today after an excellent night out, Blackfoot headed to Clear Lake. They are having a blast- their favorite part obviously being the s’mores! Thus far, the trips this summer have been fantastic. Campers are enjoying themselves and the enthusiasm from the staff on the trips is really creating a fun experience for all.

  1. This evening, we had a social at Chippewa with Kawaga. It was a great time for everyone- lots of food, dancing and socializing. Per usual, we made fried Oreos which were quite popular. It was really nice for siblings from each camp to see each other, and overall, it was an excellent program!

  1. Tonight was very special for me because I attended one of my best high school friend’s wedding. The whole thing was amazing, but a definite highlight was that my counselor (from Trailriders 1997 and Lakeview 1998) officiated the wedding. There were two of us Chippies in attendance and we were so proud of Pam as she led a beautiful ceremony. Some might say that her career began at Chippewa…possibly even at a Friday Night Campfire :).

That is most of the excitement from today. It was another incredible day to be a Chippy living life at #CRC2014. Thanks for reading!

Happy Camping and Love,