The Sari Diaries- Monday 6/23/14

Monday, June 23 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

I hope you all had a wonderful day- life was excellent around Chippyland and lots of good things were happening throughout the day! Here are the highlights…

  1. This morning before breakfast, Trailriders headed off to Mackinac Island for their camping trip. This trip is one that campers look forward to for most of their camper careers, and TR 2014 was very excited to be going. Mackinac Island is in Michigan and is a small island with no cars. Thus far, they have really been enjoying the trip and are looking forward to another day of fun tomorrow.

  1. Today’s activities were fabulous! It was warm enough for everyone to enjoy water activities and campers got very into log rolling during swimming. In fishing, Kimberly R caught one of the biggest fish in Chippewa history. It was cool to see the enthusiasm among the entire class and Kimberly was thrilled to catch her first fish ever!

  1. Tonight’s evening program, Pirate Night, is consistently one of the most popular. The male staff dressed up as pirates while cabins ran around camp collecting colored flags (currency) and finding clues that led them to the buried treasure. For so many of our programs, our staff’s dedication is truly what makes it a success. Tonight was one of those programs, and the staff played their roles well. The boys created pirate ships, pirate flags and dressed the part. Despite the rain, the activity ran flawlessly and the campers enjoyed it all!

  1. The day ended with our weekly staff meeting. We discussed the accomplishments of the past week and planned for the coming week. Staff shared their roses, which are the highlights of their week. Each of the stories reminded us of how lucky we are to be here and gave us a moment to appreciate all that has happened so far this summer. This meeting was a definite indication of how much our staff care about our campers…their well-being, health, happiness and safety. I am confident that we have the best staff ever, and we feel soooo lucky!

There you have it- another wonderful day at #CRC2014. It was fun, it was active, it was spirited and it was Chippical :). Thanks for reading…have a great night!

Happy Camping and Love,