The Sari Diaries- Monday 6/16/14

Monday, June 16 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

The summer of 2014 is here! It has been an unbelievable first day and it seems as though this is the greatest group of Chippies to ever gather together. The energy and spirit that has been running around camp for the past eight hours has been amazing, and we are excited for it to continue for the next eight weeks. Here are today’s highlights…

  1. This morning began with our ski boat drivers and past Chippy Bats enjoying 0th period skiing. It was a beautiful morning on the lake, and everyone had a lot of fun! The ski boat drivers were getting in some final practice before activities start and the skiers were brushing up on their skills. It was a win-win for everyone involved!

  2. After breakfast, we all worked around camp to touch things up. The staff worked hard to make sure everything was officially ready for camper arrival. Different staff members took leadership roles and everyone worked together to make things just right.

  1. At about 3:30pm, the buses pulled into camp and the real excitement began. The staff cheered, tons and tons of hugs were given and everyone migrated from the Top of the Hill to the Center Fire Circle to hear the cabin assignments. The smiles and love that instantaneously encompassed camp was quite special and reminded me of the magic that is Chippewa summer after summer.

  2. Once cabins were announced, campers walked around with their counselors getting acclimated to camp and learning where everything is. Cabins began bonding, playing games, and getting to know each other. There were, of course, cookies available in the office for everyone to eat, which gave each cabin group a good reason to stop by and say hi.

  3. Dinner was delicious- spaghetti & meatballs! Everyone was raving about the salad bar and Jen baked her famous brownies. The meal ended with cabin cheers, “A Chippewa Girl” and “Hey Cliff, your momma called.” There was lots of spirit and it was obvious that this group is loud and prepared for a summer of cheering.

  1. Tonight’s evening program was our annual first night Friendship Fire. We sang “Walking,” watched Cliff and other staff members do “I see a bear…,” had a “Picolomini” contest, and ended with a Keylog Ceremony. The Friendship Fire is always an upbeat way to kick-off the summer and tonight was no exception.

  2. The night concluded with lots of food parties and cabin bonding. As Lisa, Sophie and I roamed cabins, it was so nice to see everyone already getting along so well. There was laughter in each bunk, and camp truly seems like a happy place already.

As you can tell, today was incredible! Campers and counselors alike enjoyed all of the action and are sound asleep at this point dreaming about tomorrow’s fun! Pictures are in the process of being posted and first night emails will be out before the morning :). That’s about all for now- thanks for reading!

Happy Camping and Love,