The Sari Diaries- Friday 6/20/14

Friday, June 20 by Sari Hirsch

Dear Chippies, Parents, Family and Friends,

I write to you this evening so proud to be a part of this camp. The entire day was great, but this evening’s program truly warmed my heart. Here are the highlights from June 20th, 2014…

  1. Although it was a bit dreary this morning, we were able to run normal activities and had a ton of fun. Two Trailriders campers got up on one ski for the first time ever and were soooo excited. Other awesome things were happening all over camp including participation in a new and very popular activity- painting. This activity is taught by Lisa’s mom, Pam, and the campers are really enjoying it thus far.

  2. While the day was excellent, tonight is really when so much awesomeness occurred. It was our first Friday Night Campfire of 2014 and it was amazing. The program began at the flagpole with Duncan Kell and Chris Cohen speaking about Scotland (where they are both from). From there, Liesel G led us in the “Pledge,” and Gaby and Rebecca V sang the National Anthem. Last at the flagpole, Jenni R and Ellie R lowered and folded the American flag, leaving our international flag to hang overnight to honor all the nations represented at CRC.

  1. Once we got to the Center Fire Circle, everyone took their seats and got a songbook. Becca Keidan led the campfire and the theme was “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.” Many campers spoke in front of the whole camp, reading excerpts which related to this very important theme. Missy R, one of our Trailriders campers, spoke beautifully and in her speech she quoted Charles R. Swindoll saying, “I am convinced that life is ten percent what happens to me and ninety percent how I react.” This point is a fantastic one to be taught at camp and tonight’s campfire highlighted this beautifully. We love that camp is a place that campers can try things out and learn to respond positively to all different types of situations.

  2. In addition to the fantastic speeches given tonight, the Chippy Choir led the camp in two songs and Chrystal Altman, a first year counselor, sang “I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker.” The voices among this group were incredible and it made singing along very easy. I always love singing songs around the campfire and seeing campers and counselors alike with arms around each other just enjoying camp in its most natural state. No matter how many years pass, sitting at the Center Fire Circle will always feel the same. It brings back fantastic memories of my camper years, and I am elated to know that the same memories are being formed among camp friends today.

  3. The Keylog Ceremony tonight was also very special. This ceremony is a time to thank someone in front of the whole camp for something, big or small, that they did throughout the week. It was very cool to hear all of the appreciation that is going on around camp. Counselors helping campers, campers encouraging others and just an overall feel of support was evident from each Keylog that was thrown into the fire.

  4. Finally, the evening ended with the camp gathering in a huge circle hand in hand to sing the Chippewa Creed. Meredith Epstein and Emilee Markin began the creed as it is a tradition for Ten Year girls to get this honor throughout the summer. As the camp sang, and a squeeze was passed around, it was a perfect time to remember exactly what it means to be a Chippewa girl. It was a lovely end to a fantastic program!

So as you can tell, the Friday Night Campfire is a significant part of the Chippewa culture. While we are spirited and silly almost every moment of every day, Friday nights give everyone a chance to reflect on the past week and appreciate how lucky we all are to spend our Summer on Dam lake in the confines of CRC. It is so nice to see campers as young as eight and as old as fifteen taking it all in.

I guess that’s about all for today. It was another wonderful day to be a part of #CRC2014. This summer has taken off on the right foot and we are looking to continue down the path of a fun, safe and memorable summer. Thanks for reading- have a good night!

Happy Camping and Love,