International Chippy Apparel Day

Sunday, February 09 by Sari Hirsch

A HUGE thank-you to all Chippies who participated in the Third Annual International Chippy Apparel Day. It was another huge success and displayed all of the Chippy spirit that exists all over the world! We saw pictures from campers, staff, alumni and family members who were all proudly wearing their Chippy gear throughout the day. It was a great day to appreciate the Chippewa community and to get pumped for the summer of 2014!

In honor of the Winter Olympics, we decided to award Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals for each category. Below are the winners of each medal…congratulations to all of the winners!

Photo Taken Furthest From 54521

Gold Medal: Sam Shepherd & Callam Jones (New Zealand/England)
Silver Medal: Hannah Stewart (“South Pole”)
Bronze Medal: Rangiputa Wallace (Perth, Australia)

Most Camp-Like Pose

Gold Medal: Jessica Jaksich and Sarah Steinmann (multiple camp poses in one collage)
Silver Medal: Grace Friedman (at the stables)
Bronze Medal: Madison Staff (on a frozen lake eating “Cathy’s”)

Most Old School Photo

Four Way Tie for Gold Medal
Lindsey Lopatin
Tracey Michaels
Julie Samuels
Linsey Friedman

Biggest Group Photo

Gold Medal: Highland Park High School (20 Chippies)
Silver Medal: Caruso Middle School (14 Chippies)
Bronze Medal: Deerfield High School (13 Chippies)
Honorable Mention: Shepard Middle School (11 Chippies)

Most Decked in Chippy Gear

Gold Medal: Alana Spaeth
Silver Medal: Ellory Fishman
Bronze Medal: Jen Becker

Thanks again Chippies and get excited for February 6, 2015!