Reunion News 2014!

Saturday, December 13 by Sari Hirsch

Chippewa Ranch Camp Reunion Tour 2014!

Recap: We had a fabulous time in Cincinnati seeing both old and new faces! The weekend started off with lunch with Julia Vigran who made the trip in for the reunion all the way from OSU. It was fantastic to see her and catch up. From there, we all went over to the Margolis home to see lots of Chippies! We watched the 2014 Reunion Video (first official showing!) and had an amazing dinner. In addition to the four returning Chippies, we had a number of new and potentially new Chippies in attendance. It was so fun to meet and reunite with everyone…we love our Cincinnati families and are thrilled that the city is continuing to grow at CRC. A huge thank you to the Margolis family for hosting such a wonderful event!

Recap: The Chicago reunion was incredible! We had a fantastic turnout with Chippies flying in from California all the way to New York. It was so nice to see everyone and get as close to being at camp as we can during the year. The day started off with our staff lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. The Chippewa staff are amazing and we loved spending some time with them to celebrate the summer of 2014. From CPK, we headed over to Michael’s to meet the campers. Charlie K flew in for the day from New York and Eliza Levy came in from San Francisco to hang out with her camp friends for the weekend. It was so nice to watch both campers and staff ecstatic to see each other! At about 3pm, we all headed over the the movie theater to watch the 2014 Reunion Movie on the big screen. The movie was awesome and it is always cool to see camp in action in the movie theater. In addition to the movie, we got to see coming attractions for 2015…the Chippy cooking facility is in the works and we are thrilled to be offering a great new program! As always, it was a fabulous reunion and we want to thank all campers and staff who came.

Los Angeles
Date: Sunday, January 11th
Time: 3:00pm
Location: Robinson Home
723 San Lorenzo, Santa Monica

Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: Yalowitz Home
1700 Stokes Lane, Nashville

Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: Greenberg Home
665 Widgeon Lane, Atlanta

Any additional reunion dates to come!

We hope to see you all at one or more reunions this season!
Please feel free to call or email us with any questions regarding the reunions