November Quiz

Sunday, November 30 by Sari Hirsch

Here are the rules:
Answer all of the questions below by emailing Sari at by December 19th. You must answer all six questions (five plus the bonus) correctly to win. Each winner will get entered in a raffle and the winner of the raffle will get a trip to Cathy’s for her cabin. Good luck!
Campers AND staff can win!

  1. What was a new water activity brought to the swim area in 2014?
  2. Instead of a baton, what is passed from activity to activity during Egg Marathon?
  3. Who are the Chippies pictured above?
  4. What was the Kahuna Day theme in 2014?
  5. What is the name of the older village in camp?
    Who set the United States Women’s Marathon record?