The Ribbon & The Bow

Friday, August 02 by Cliff Lissner

(photo- our sailing regatta!)

Hello Chippewa Friends,

As always I will begin with a weather update-

two weeks ago: unbearable heat
one week ago: a snowflake legit landed on my hand.
today: PERFECT! Mid 70s

So tonight was our Ten-Year celebration. I love this program because it serves as a true testament to the passion and loyalty that our girls develop over the years here. There are seven of them and they each bring something unique and special to Chippewa. Sophie Marwil, Julia Vigran, Sophie Roskin, Kelsey Boyle, Lauren Deutschman, Suzy Topel and Alex Topel have all been here for ten summers and they will hopefully give us ten more! What happened during the Ten-Year Celebration? Stories were told, songs were sung and inside jokes were shared, but at the end of the day it all comes down to friendship, loyalty and dedication. Tonight I watched our youngest campers sitting in the front row with a look of longing on their faces. They were clearly hoping that someday it would be them sitting on that stage being honored for THEIR ten years of dedication and friendship. From them my eyes wandered back to the Ten-Year girls sitting on the stage, and I reflected back to when they were the little girls in the front row daydreaming about this very night. Then I really started down memory lane. From homesickness at camp to camp sickness at home, Lisa and I have seen these girls grow up and evolve into the exceptional and responsible adults that they have become. We have seen them learn from both their successes and their failures at camp. Now, two of them are on my admin staff and the rest are in other positions of leadership. This night brings for us a true sense of pride. There is no other way to put it!

We are almost wrapped up… time to add the ribbon and the bow…

We are about to kick off the busiest week of the summer… the last week. For me this means 100 staff evaluations, video editing (our end of the summer movie), and buttoning up another fantastic season. For the staff it means endless parent letters, special programming details and seizing opportunities for some cabin group closure bonding. For the campers it means having the most fun that they have had all summer! I know that this has been a magical season, but we want the girls to go home feeling like they are on top of the world! Tomorrow is a Menomonee social, Sunday is the musical (The Little Mermaid), Monday brings Chippy Awards, Tuesday is our Final Staff Show, Wednesday is our Request Night production and Thursday is our Final Banquet. Friday… well we all know what happens then.

Sorry this is so short. Lots to do! Enjoy the photos and we look forward to seeing you all very soon!
All best,