ChipChat- Reaching For New Heights!

Tuesday, May 21 by Cliff Lissner

Hello Chippies!

So glad to be able to finally present you with our new website! If you are reading this then you have likely discovered the new ChipChat Media page. This living and breathing section of the website will forever be changing and adapting. If you make the ChipChat page a FAVORITE on your browser, it can be your one-stop-shop for all things CRC social media and news.

If you want to stalk us one step further then friend us on Facebook, follow us on twitter @chippewacliff AND @chippewasari ,
View us on Instagram & Pinterest , and soon you will be able to subscribe and watch us on Youtube! The best way to stay in touch, however, is to read our blogs. Now you will get three blogs during the summer and off-season. Cliff Notes will of course be back along with Lisa’s Blog and a General News Blog.

This Fall get excited for Chippewa Nation! This new piece of social media fun will be the biggest thing since… well… the last piece of social media fun.

Bottom line is that we want to keep you all connected to this magical place called Chippewa. Whether you are a camper, alumni, parent or a friend, we will find you a way to get your camp fix!

Get ready for an amazing summer!
All best,