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Week One At Chippewa

Upon arrival campers will be greeted by lots of very enthusiastic Chippewa staff, and the structure of the first night of camp will be very similar to how our returning campers will remember. We will have our opening dinner outside, and afterward we will do our traditional friendship fire using a more spacious location in camp (allowing us to spread out a bit more). Outlined below are some points regarding the first week of camp.

Cabin Cohorts- During week one campers will be separated into cohorts or “family groups.” Camp will be structured this way during our gateway week to add extra protection in the event of a positive case of COVID-19 in camp. This smaller group approach will allow for more efficient contact tracing. During this week campers will be tested twice more (Day 3 and Day 6), and once we have an “all clear” following the second test, our intent will be to open camp up so that we can operate in a relatively normal capacity.

Rubber Bracelets- All campers and staff will be given a commemorative 2021 colored bracelet that they will be asked to wear during their time at camp. We will ask that one of their wrists be designated for ONLY this bracelet. They can choose which wrist they would like to wear it on, and their other arm will be free for their “Camp Wrist” bracelets. Each cabin will have a unique color, and the bracelets will offer an at-a-glance identification to make sure that proper cohorting is taking place.

The Two Of Three Rule- This summer we will be exercising the “2 of 3” rule during the first week of camp, and under certain circumstances thereafter. This refers to the use of three key non pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs):
-Social Distancing
-Being Outdoors

The idea is that campers will need to maintain two of those three interventions during the first week when they are with someone not from within their own cabin group. The nice thing is that they CAN still be together with campers from another cabin, but they need to be outside and either wearing a mask or social distancing. If they are inside with campers from another cabin, they need to be wearing a mask AND social distancing. We will of course make sure that our campers understand this process and help them to maintain the practice.

Activities- During the first week of camp campers will enjoy activities in a uniquely structured way that separates camp into sections. The sections will be assigned to age groups NOT cabins. Each section location will have a number of activities from which campers will be able to choose. Sections will rotate, opening up more activities and options.