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Pre-Camp Quarantine

For over a year now we have been planning for the summer of 2021. Our goal has always been to get our campers back to a healthy level of normalcy. Our camp bubble will be the perfect place for making this a reality, but there is an absolute need for all campers (vaccinated or not) to abide by our 7-day quarantine.

Purpose- The reason for the quarantine is to prevent undetected COVID-19 infections from getting into camp.

Risk- The Shield test being administered one day prior to the start of camp will NOT detect infection that occurred in the several days leading up to the test. Therefore it’s imperative that potential exposure be eliminated during this time.

1st Session & 8- Week Campers: Begin on June 15th
2nd Session Campers: Begin on July 12th

Quarantine Expectations- During this time, campers and staff will be asked to not engage in any activities that will have them interacting with others from outside of their household. We are asking that family members from within the same household also be cautious to engage in low risk activities during this time.

Vaccination Exception- If your child has received two shots of the vaccine, she can engage in outdoor, organized sports with the following conditions:

  • Masks should be worn during these activities.
  • There should be no carpooling, and campers should either drive themselves or be driven by someone from within their immediate household.
  • They should not participate in any social activities surrounding the sporting event, such as dining out, team parties, sleepovers. etc…
  • They should not enter any indoor spaces while at the sporting event including the locker room.
  • When possible they should socially distance from others participating in the activity.

Vaccinated Campers- Aside from the exception above, we are asking that vaccinated campers also quarantine during the seven days leading up to camp. This is for four primary reasons:

  1. Many campers will be in the process of becoming fully vaccinated in the days leading up to camp, and during that time they could become infected and unknowingly introduce the virus into camp.
  2. However unlikely, there is a chance that a child’s vaccine didn’t “take.” Therefore she should quarantine as a precaution.
  3. The CDC maintains that there is still a risk of breakthrough cases in which a vaccinated person contracts the virus.
  4. In addition, Chippewa is a congregate living setting. Because of this, while it is important that we follow the science, we also need to take extra precautions in order to protect our community.

Campers Previously Infected With COVID-19- We are asking that these campers quarantine as well.

Failure To Quarantine- If it comes to our attention that a camper is not adhering to our quarantine precautions, she will have to be treated as though she were exposed to and infected with COVID-19. She will need to re-start her quarantine from the date of non compliance, and would need to be driven to camp by a parent after the ten days are up and she has been cleared in writing by a doctor.