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Mask Use

Although campers will not need to wear masks all that much this summer, we feel that it’s important for them to have an ample supply. Masks can get lost or damaged, and they should have some backups on hand. You may also consider sending her with lanyard attachments for an added layer of loss prevention.

Your camper will need to wear a mask during these times this summer:

  • Whenever she enters a building that is not her own cabin
  • While dishing up her food at the salad bar
  • On the bus ride to camp
  • During the first week whenever she is within six feet of someone from outside of her cabin.
  • If she needs to go to the clinic in town for one reason or another

NOTE- Masks will not be required during outdoor sports, and we will never ask a camper to wear a mask while she is in the water.

Quantity- We are asking that you send her with either 14 cloth masks OR one paper mask per day that she will be at camp. She can also bring a combination of both.

NOTE- We are no longer selling CRC logo masks.