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Heath Center Operations

This summer we will of course have a medical team on staff, as well as the appropriate facilities for traditional health care management and COVID-19 response. The health and safety of our campers is always our number one priority, and parents can rest assured that all of their campers’ medical needs will be met just as in the past.

Facilities- We will be running three different medical spaces this summer:

  1. Our traditional health center for general medical care, telemedicine and private examination space.
  2. An outdoor health center for day-to-day basic needs and medication distribution.
  3. A designated COVID-19 triage center with private sleeping quarters for symptomatic campers awaiting COVID-19 test results.

Medication- As a reminder, all medication should be delivered to camp prior to the summer in pharmacy produced, pre packaged containers. Campers will be called by cabin for medication distribution. Those taking medications will report to the outdoor health center where pills, liquids, gummies, inhalers and nasal sprays will be distributed accordingly.

General Health Care- Every summer we have some stubbed toes, skinned knees and even the occasional twist and turn. A camper may develop a headache or stomach ache, and when these things happen they need a place to go for care. This summer, out of an abundance of caution, campers will first be triaged in our private outdoor health center, and then escalated to a visit with one of our telemedicine pediatricians when necessary.

Communication- Communication from the health center may come from someone on our medical staff, a telemedicine pediatrician or even one of the directors (Cliff, Lisa or Sari). If your child complains of symptoms that are indicative of COVID-19, someone will reach out letting you know the circumstances and what to expect going forward. As always, never hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns about the health of your camper.

Previous Infections- Please let us know if your child has already been infected with COVID-19 (especially if this occured within the last 90 days).