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My Appeal To Parents & Campers

This past year has been so hard for so many of us. There was nothing more tragic than the stunning number of people that passed away from COVID-19, but the pain and sadness caused by this virus has been felt by just about every single demographic in the world. The irony regarding this pandemic’s impact on children was not lost on many of us. The demographic least impacted physically by this pandemic seems to have experienced a disproportionate amount of the social and emotional burden that it appears to be leaving behind. We have written on this subject many times since the Spring of 2020, and now we finally have a chance to begin repairing the damage, and rebuilding the social and emotional health of our children.

I am asking parents to help us to make this happen. Obviously the light is at the end of the tunnel, and communities all over the country are beginning to feel hints of normalcy again. My concern is that the camp environment does not mirror these communities, and not all of our campers will be vaccinated. This means that the risk of spread absolutely remains. Where we are very confident that we will be able to contain this virus, its introduction into camp would be incredibly disruptive and it would most likely impact the camp experience for everyone. That said, if you partner with us to make this summer a success, I have no doubt that your daughter will come home refreshed, reset, reinvigorated and reminded of what her world was like before this pandemic.

Please follow our pre summer quarantine guidelines. These are NOT just for show. These are NOT just window dressing. This is NOT just us acting “out of an abundance of caution.” These are actually in place to protect our camp community, and to prevent COVID-19 from staining the experience that we are all so desperately wanting to provide to our kids.

I am sorry again for the inconvenience that all of this may cause our families, but the benefits that will come from a COVID-19 free summer at Chippewa, and the happiness that our campers will experience as a result, will make it all worth while… I promise.
All best,